Best Tips for Beginner Runners

If you are starting out running, the most important variable involved is injuries.  It’s crucial that any beginner runner incorporates runner-specific strength training movements.  This builds a buffer to their bones and joints.

I usually put beginner runners on an intro program for a month to acclimate their bodies and mental toughness to the idea of running. Incorporate incline walking and speed walking to increase lung capacity and endurance prior to running.

The right initiation to running is critical!  As a coach, I make sure people don’t do too much too soon, get injured, or experience unnecessary failure due to too much load in too short of a time. This creates a foundation that’s not overwhelming, and efficient to build on.

A running coach or trainer can be crucial.  They understand the necessary steps and programming to prepare the body for running.   A program offered by a trainer not only offers accountability, but it builds trust in the process.

After a sound intro program, the athlete is ready to start running in intervals, with breaks, such as active recovery runs and pace-based/heart rate-based runs.  At this point you can also add workouts focused on developing the necessary technique and pace required to produce results.

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