Free 30-Day Quarantined Fitness Program

I’ve created a 30-day fitness program for those who are quarantined, and I can’t actually believe I’m saying that… but, here we are. 

My name is Meg Takacs and I am the founder of #RunWithMeg, an app for runners. 

For some context, I was let go from my job in March 2019, a fitness app on which I was a founding trainer. Within 48 hours after being (very) unexpectedly let go the app (my first salary job in NYC), I started working on plans for my own app. I had no money and no real business model, but I had purpose and an opportunity to watch my true vision come to life. 

For me, being put back at the bottom allowed me to enter the most exciting, creative part of my professional career thus far. Within the first 2 hours of announcing my new idea on social media, I put up a small landing page with a contact submission form for people to “follow me on my next endeavor.” 

I woke up to over 6,000 email responses. 

That’s how #RunWithMeg was born. Since March of 2019, I have acquired over 500 subscription-based members, built a social community for runners, and have had the opportunity to pitch to investors. 

I didn’t plan on any of this (much like we didn’t plan on COVID-19), but I put my head down, fell back on my mission, and worked really hard to find the light again. 

I moved to NYC 4 years ago from Atlanta on a 10k loan. I was 26. I had no money (obviously), but I knew the fitness industry was trending digitally, and that if I wanted to break into it, I had to move to NYC. 

While living in New York, right around the time I lost my job, I lost 4 friends due to mental illness. When I started #RunWithMeg, I channeled my strong belief that running, and working out in general, is moving meditation: it’s the stress and anxiety release many people subconsciously desire, but don’t know how to obtain. 

My goal has, and always will be, to flip the script on the fitness industry; to turn it from an image-obsessed, weight loss-focused black hole, to something sustainable and meaningful. 

My mission: the work ethic you have in your workouts is applicable to the rest of your life.  

When Corona rolled around, things got really scary, very quickly. 

I started getting messages from existing members saying they no longer had access to their local gyms; I could sense the anxiety. 

So I created my 30-day quarantined program. And I gave it away for free. 

Much like the day I started my app, in about 3 hours time, I had over 300 people sign up. 

Never once did I consider charging people for this program. I have always, and will always put the consumer first. So many companies fail because they are more worried about what kind of company they appear to be, as opposed to what their purpose is. 

You never sell a product. You sell a solution to a problem, and in my case, it was never about getting people to pay me: it was about getting consumers to use running as an outlet for the rest of their lives. 

Life, especially in the face of unexpected adversity, is difficult. We tend to find comfort in routine, and when that routine is disrupted, especially from a chaotic epidemic the world was unprepared for, we can get anxious and stressed out. But if I’ve learned anything from handling the unexpected, it’s that there has to be discomfort in order to level up in life. 

So that’s what I’m hoping my 30-day program provides for people: meaning, accountability, and a sense of purpose in times where it all seems so impossible to obtain.

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