How to Prevent Injuries if You Are Running Every Day During Quarantine

1. Volume

1. Most running injuries are actually attributed to too much volume too soon, as opposed to what most people think, which is that injury originates from poor form and/or mechanics. To avoid possible injury due to increased volume, I encourage my members in my app to incorporate dynamic warm-ups before they run, as well as strength training. Strength training helps build lean muscle to protect your bones and joints, and dynamic warm-ups (as opposed to static stretching) helps prepare your muscles to fire, in order to help alleviate the impact on your knees and shins.

2. Variety

I encourage people to follow a structured running program; one which puts variety in your workouts (like my free 30-Day Quarantine Program in-app). Mixing up your runs (example: slow endurance runs, speed work, and hill repeats) helps to not only prevent your body from plateauing, but also promotes the usage of both your anaerobic and aerobic pathways (usage if different energy systems). 

3. Core

Core Work is great for helping to improve posture so when you fatigue on long runs, you’re form isn’t compromised by fatigue. 

4. Rest

Make sure there is at least 15 hours between your last run and next run. I typically tell people to run the same time each day, or to strategically scatter in rest days to allow your body to recover. It’s important to put rest days after speed workouts or hill work to allow your body to recover, but you can do your long endurance runs the days after sprint or hill work, since there isn’t as much of a strain. 

5. Recovery

Eat or drink protein within 30-minutes after your workout to help your muscle restoration process. When you workout hard, you create tiny tears in your muscle tissue. When you are done running (undergoing a strain), your body begins to repair these micro-tears by building new lean muscle. Protein serves as an aid in this process. In addition to that, glutamine or amino acids before bed also help in recovery, as well as making sure you are getting good sleep (REM), because that’s when your body is able to repair at it’s best.

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